Woman finds stalker-like app on her cellphone

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) -  It is currently legal for someone to use a tracking device to determine your every move.

A fact that surprised Maleah Strawser when she sought help after finding a stalker-like app installed on her own cellphone.

"I just happened to scroll through my phone and saw something that wasn't supposed to be on there. It said GPS tracker," the Prince George County woman told CBS 6.

Strawser said one of her friends installed the app on her phone without her knowledge.

She said he could track her every move from his cellphone.

"He could tell where I worked out. He could tell every street I was on. You could get a street view of the building  that I was in at work, "she said.

Wednesday, Virginia lawmakers moved one step closer to prohibiting such action.

A House committee approved of a HB807 bill (14-1) to make deceptively tracking a person a class three misdemeanor in Virginia. [Click to read the bill]

The bill’s author, Delegate Joe May (R - Leesburg) told CBS 6, “with the prevalence of new technology, I want to protect our individual freedoms.”

However, one lawmaker, Delegate Scott Surovell (D - Fairfax) wanted the bill amended.

He told CBS 6, Virginians should have the freedom to put a tracking device on automobiles.  Surovell said he has an au pair who takes care of his children. He said he wanted  to know where they’ve been during the day,

“Sometimes my car comes back with dents, scratches and covered in mud,” said Del. Surovell.