Investigators look for more victims after Greensville paving scam arrests

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GREENSVILLE COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Investigators in Greensville County are warning folks about alleged scammers who offer low-cost driveway repairs that end up costing way too much.

Officials said at least three victims, including an elderly couple, have been bilked out of thousands.

In fact, Tony Veliky said his parents were scammed out of $4,800 in just two-and-a-half hours. He said that's how long it took for his mom and dad to write a check for half of what they had in their checking account.

Veliky said this has been tough for his parents since they are on a fixed income and have a lot of medical expenses.

To make matters worse, the couple's son said the driveway work should not have cost more than $1,200 – and that their work was shoddy.

"Its uneven, it's overpriced, the quality of work is not where it should be. You can see the uneven areas where they didn't pack well, the receipt was for concrete screenings, and all we have here is crush and run. It's an incomplete job."

Investigators said the three victims and quick detective work netted two arrests.

Peter Frank Small, and his son Thomas Patrick Small, were both charged with three felonies of obtaining money under false pretenses.

Sheriff's Detectives were able to confiscate their equipment, the door to the truck listing one company name. However, the inspection sticker listed a different company's name.

Investigators, who are looking for two other family members, said father and son remain in jail under no bond.

Additionally, officials believe there could be more victims.

"I would ask them to remember if they've been scammed, their other friends and neighbors may have been scammed to…," said The Crater Area Agency on Aging's David Sadowski.

"They can be helpful in reporting it, to prevent someone else from facing that same thing."

Contact the Greensville County Sheriff's Office at 434-348-4200 if you have information about the crooks or know someone who is a victim of this scam.