Speaker motivates crowd at Conrad Center in Richmond

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Self-described real estate artist and author Frank McKinney spoke people at the Conrad Center in Richmond, Virginia on Sunday.

McKinney is currently on what he calls a "survival to thrival" tour.

He is driving to 14 east coast cities to deliver his motivational message of hope to people who are down on their luck. He told those in attendance, a better life is attainable if you are willing to reach for it.

McKinney donated $25 to the Conrad Center for each person who showed up to hear him speak.

“We’re not going to solve anything in a night.  But maybe by bringing awareness to the issues and just by coming out and giving $25 per person, places like the Conrad Center can do their job,” McKinney said.

The Conrad Center is a soup kitchen that provides meals to people in need.