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Bills require parental notification for school disciplinary action

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - There are four bills introduced before the Virginia General Assembly that deal with teachers who discipline students in schools.

The bills require parents to be notified when their child is the subject of a school disciplinary investigation. All four bills differ in details, but all revolve around schools notifying parents if their child gets in trouble, especially if the student could be expelled as a result of the investigation.

Steve Stuban joined the delegates and senators who sponsored the bill at the Virginia State Capitol Monday.

Stuban's son Nick committed suicide after he was caught at school buying synthetic marijuana.

Stuban said Nick was subjected to harsh and intense questioning by school administrators before he was told what was happening. Stuban said the investigation put his son into a deep depression.

"Nick was questioned multiple times, over multiple days, and was asked to produce multiple written statements.  It was only after all of the questioning had been completed and a verdict rendered that school officials thought it relevant to inform his mother and I", said Stuban.

The bills have the backing of some civil rights organizations