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Achievement gap widens throughout region

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - After years of shrinking, the achievement gap between white and black students appears to be reversing.

School leaders tell CBS 6 they are aware of this problematic trend and are working to close the gap.

In Chesterfield, 95% of white students passed the reading SOL exam compared to just 84% of blacks. On math exams, 92% of white students passed in Chesterfield compared to 79% of black students.

The numbers are much more grim in Richmond public schools. On the reading SOL test, 95% of white students pass and only 78% of blacks met the mark. When taking the math SOL test, 92% of white students passed and only 74% of blacks.

Charles Pyle with the Virginia Department of Education tells CBS 6, there are a number of factors at play to cause such a reversal, including qualified educators, poverty and classroom reinforcement at home.