Poll shows education is top concern for Virginians

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - The state is preparing to spend a lot of money on everything from healthcare to prisons, but, one study conducted by VCU’s Commonwealth Educational Policy Institute finds that K12 education is the top concern for Virginians.

It’s so much of a concern that nearly 80% of Virginians are willing to pay more in taxes to keep education funded at its current level.

Executive Director of the Commonwealth Educational Policy Institute, Bill Bosher said many people indicated they’d pay more in sales taxes.

Bosher said most people chose an increased sales tax because it provides everyone with the option of spending more.  “Spend more, they buy more and pay more,” said Bosher.

The VCU poll also indicates people want what they pay for, which is a quality education.

Governor Bob McDonnell proposes that teachers be on an annual contract to increase performance and review.

The poll said 55% of Virginians agree with the governor.