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City schools unhappy with McDonnell’s education plans

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RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) - Today Governor Bob McDonnell introduced his education agenda. He said that raising standards for teachers and student is a top priority.

The program, known as his “Opportunity to Learn” education agenda, won’t necessarily raise the bar for all Virginia teachers and students.

The Richmond Public School system anticipates a $30 million dollar deficit next school year if McDonnell’s proposed K-12 budget passes the General Assembly.

The district’s chief operating officer, Andy Hawkins, told CBS6 reporter Lorenzo Hall,  that the RPS faces such an enormous deficit because Richmond isn’t receiving nearly as much money as it anticipated from the state.

Hawkins said, based on the state’s formula to distribute money to localities, that Richmond city is considered the wealthiest district in central Virginia, thus, the district does not appear to be in need of funds.

However, more than 75 percent of students in Richmond receive free or reduced lunch, according to Hawkins.

Hawkins said if the school system can’t come up with $30 million dollars, there will likely be substantial cuts.