Families beg for more disability waivers at state budget hearing

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RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) - With the start of the 2012 Generaly Assembly session quickly approaching, lawmakers convened a series of presession hearings to gauge the pulse, and concerns, of Virginia residents.

For Richmonders, the opportunity to speak out came Friday on the MCV campus at the Larrick Student Center.

Comments directed to the attending assembly members included how to avoid cuts to home health care services, funding for child psychiatrists, restoring cuts to K-12 education and an outpouring of speakers calling for more intellectual disability waivers.

Right now, Virginia has a waiting list swelling with families waiting for those waivers- more than 7,000 people- that allow disabled loved ones to live in communities, and not in institutions.

How to solve the state's 'crisis of care' for disabled residents dominated much of Friday's discussion.

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