One more reason to lose weight and exercise this year — or anytime

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – You or someone you know will resolve to lose weight once and for all this year.

What’s your motivation? Do you want flatter abs, a smaller dress or jean size?

How about living longer by reducing your risk for breast cancer? Scientists say there is a link between being over weight and breast cancer.

In this month’s Buddy Check 6 report I talked to a nutrition and public health expert at Richmond’s Massey Cancer Center about diet, exercise and reducing the risk for the disease.

I began by asking Dr. Diane Wilson what we know about weight and breast cancer.

Dr. Wilson says we know women who are overweight are more likely to develop breast cancer. They have a shorter survival time and higher mortality rates.

The other part is that women who are more physically active also have a lower rate of breast cancer as well.

Next, I asked Dr. Wilson if what we eat and the amount of exercise we do can prevent breast cancer.

She told me doctors can’t say we can prevent cancer at this point because we don’t know what causes many cancers.

But she says the really good news about cancer and exercise is that even moderate exercise such as a walking program is associated with a decrease risk for cancer.

With the growing number of cancer survivors in the country, I asked her what her diet and exercise advice is for them.

She says survivors should eat three meals a day, eat at regular times, and make sure you eat breakfast.

She says doctors recommend you emphasize more chicken and fish, have one meatless meal a week, and fill the plate with more fruits and vegetables.

In terms of exercise, Dr. Wilson says you should treat it like an important appointment. Put the time you plan to walk in your day planner or blackberry and make it a priority.

She says if you decide to walk for exercise, make sure to carry and pedometer to measure your progress. It will help keep you motivated.

Dr. Wilson says having an exercise buddy, like your husband, co-worker, or close friend, will also help you to stay on track.