Tracy Sears


Born and raised in Newport News, Virginia, Tracy fell in love with broadcast reporting at the age of 12 and began volunteering at her local news station when she was just 17.

While attending George Mason University, she interned for two years in the White House Press Room, assisting White House correspondents with news releases and credentials, and one year at News Channel 8 in the Washington D.C. Market. Tracy worked for two years as an anchor and reporter for KTEN-TV in Denison, Texas, before returning home to Virginia in 2000 to take a reporting and anchoring position with CBS 6.

Tracy currently reports part-time so she can spend more time at home with her two children.

Tracy has received awards from The Virginia Associated Press, The Virginia Association of Broadcasters, and The RTNDA. She is also the recipient of the 2004 National Edward R. Murrow Award and the 2012 Regional Emmy Award.

Recent Articles

  • De-icer shortage cancels, delays RIC flights

    Posted on: 9:31 pm, March 17, 2014, by and , updated on: 12:12am, March 18, 2014

    The skies might be friendly, but it’s been hard for many passengers to find out as the weather condition keep affecting air travel.
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  • Troopers increase security at Virginia substations critical to grid

    Posted on: 12:49 am, March 11, 2014, by , updated on: 07:01am, March 11, 2014

    Several Dinwiddie and Prince George residents are questioning the presence of police officers now guarding an electric substation in a remote location of Dinwiddie.
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    substation Collage
  • Law cracks down on human trafficking, child prostitution

    Posted on: 9:28 am, March 1, 2014, by , updated on: 09:37am, March 2, 2014

    The Virginia General Assembly has passed legislation that harshens the penalties for people who solicit a child for sex, and closes a loophole that allows many sex predators to walk free.
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  • Lawmakers vote to limit minors access to e-cigarettes

    Posted on: 12:06 am, February 25, 2014, by

    On Monday, lawmakers in the Virginia Senate passed several house bills regarding the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and the use of e-cigarettes on school property.
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  • Gun ban for stalkers, domestic abusers passed Senate

    Posted on: 12:51 am, February 18, 2014, by

    The Virginia Crime Commission is being asked to study a potential law that would ban anyone convicted of stalking, sexual battery or physical domestic abuse of a family member from possessing a gun for five years.
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  • West End teens say heroin use ‘explosive’ in Virginia suburbs

    Posted on: 12:53 am, February 4, 2014, by and , updated on: 12:47pm, February 4, 2014

    Teen use of heroin and prescription pills has risen, as have the overdose statistics. And kids are buying heroin in suburbia.
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  • State will not pursue charges against former Gov. McDonnell

    Posted on: 1:05 am, January 28, 2014, by

    Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Herring says the state will not pursue charges against former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell or his wife, Maureen.
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    Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and First Lady Maureen McDonnell (PHOTO: Jesse Burkett)
  • Questions remain surrounding death of Meg Menzies

    Posted on: 12:58 am, January 21, 2014, by , updated on: 08:20am, January 21, 2014

    Was Dr. Michael J. Carlson drinking the morning of the accident or had several hours passed since his last drink?
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    Meg Memorial FB
  • UPDATE: Sick St. Francis employees could return to work Sunday

    Posted on: 6:33 pm, January 17, 2014, by and , updated on: 11:34pm, January 18, 2014

    The first call came in Wednesday night. By Friday morning, 30 staff members had called in sick.
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  • Doctor arrested after woman killed jogging in Hanover

    Posted on: 3:34 pm, January 13, 2014, by , and , updated on: 09:49am, January 14, 2014

    A Mechanicsville driver is charged with involuntary manslaughter and D.U.I., according to Hanover County Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Chris Whitley.
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    Meg Menzies, 34, of Ashland.
  • Extreme temps cause school delays

    Posted on: 8:58 pm, January 6, 2014, by , , and , updated on: 01:58pm, January 7, 2014

    Schools are issuing delays and closures due to extreme cold, but the weather doesn't call for snow or ice. What will a two-hour delay do for schools, students, and parents if there is no expected snow?
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  • Hey, try no celebratory gunfire this New Year’s Eve

    Posted on: 12:03 pm, December 30, 2013, by and , updated on: 07:35pm, December 30, 2013

    As New Year's Eve approaches, the Chesterfield County Police Department is reminding residents of the dangers of celebratory gunfire.
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    Brendon Mackey