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  • Class 1 Recall: Farm Rich Frozen snacks

    Posted on: 9:11 am, March 29, 2013, by

    Class I recalls are for dangerous or defective products that predictably could cause serious health problems or death.
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  • Mumps reported at VCU

    Posted on: 7:30 am, March 28, 2013, by , updated on: 08:02am, March 28, 2013

    A case of mumps in the VCU community comes a little more than a week after a similar outbreak hits the University of Richmond campus.
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  • Apartments tracking dog poop offenders using DNA

    Posted on: 7:42 am, March 13, 2013, by , updated on: 07:47am, March 13, 2013

    You might call it a new trend in property management: using D-N-A to track down dogs who leave behind a mess, to get their owners to take responsibility.
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  • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese ingredients called into question by concerned Moms

    Posted on: 8:19 am, March 8, 2013, by

    Two food bloggers from North Carolina are taking issue with an old school snack.
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  • North Korea threatens enemies with possibility of “preemptive nuclear attack”

    Posted on: 8:28 am, March 7, 2013, by

    Despite the strong language, analysts have said North Korea is still years away from having the technology to mount a nuclear warhead on a missile.
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  • UVA tops list of public universities with wealthiest alumni

    Posted on: 8:03 am, February 20, 2013, by

    The University of Virginia is one of just three public universities to make a list of the top 15 schools with the wealthiest alumni.
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  • Watch: First successful 360° backflip in a car

    Posted on: 7:48 am, February 19, 2013, by

    A French daredevil has become the first man to successfully perform a 360-degree backflip in a car.
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  • Meteor seen streaking across Florida sky

    Posted on: 8:19 am, February 18, 2013, by

    More streaking lights seen in the skies over the weekend, but not in Russia. These were seen over the skies of the United States.
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  • 150 years later, USS Monitor sailors to be laid to rest in Arlington

    Posted on: 7:58 am, February 13, 2013, by

    The remains of two unknown Union sailors recovered from the Civil War ironclad the USS Monitor will be interred in Arlington National Cemetery.
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  • Mountain Dew to Kickstart mornings with breakfast soda

    Posted on: 7:53 am, February 12, 2013, by

    PepsiCo wants to 'dew' breakfast differently.
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  • How to do the ‘Harlem Shake’

    Posted on: 11:33 am, February 8, 2013, by , updated on: 11:43am, February 8, 2013

    In 2013 there is finally a dance sensation that gives the power to the people.
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    harlem shake
  • Receipt includes discount for ‘well behaved kids’ for family attending fancy restaurant

    Posted on: 8:50 am, February 8, 2013, by , updated on: 08:51am, February 8, 2013

    A family is getting some internet 'kudos' for their courteous kids.
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