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Bill comes to WTVR from Raleigh, N.C. where he was the evening anchor for two years. While there, he reported on green issues including: green homebuilding, composting including vermiculture (that's right, worms!)-- and hybrid vehicles. "Since I'm driving alone 90% of the time, it makes sense for me to drive a hybrid. I'm now determined to keep the average mileage gauge above 50 mpg. It's changed the way I drive."

Prior to Raleigh, Bill spent several years as an overnight and weekend anchor for MSNBC, covering breaking news and the top national stories of the day. Among the many stories he broke on MSNBC, Bill was on the desk when former President Gerald Ford died. "Interrupting The Tonight Show (on NBC) was nerve-wracking, but it helped to focus on just getting the message out. My wife was visiting her mother in Nashville at the time. The report came up and my mother-in-law asked Amy, 'Why is Bill on Jay Leno?'."

Before that, Bill was an anchor/reporter at WVTM in Birmingham, Alabama for five years, covering schools, politics, crime and hurricanes, while anchoring the weekend morning shows. During that period, he spent ten days in New York City on loan to WNBC, reporting in the wake of 9/11. He also traveled to Texas to cover the Columbia shuttle disaster. Bill started his career as a "one-man band" reporter on Long Island, NY, working for News 12 Long Island.

As an avid history buff, Bill says he and his family have loved the move to Richmond and are becoming well-acquainted with its rich trove of museums and historical sites. "We also love the proximity to the beach and the mountains."

Bill has an undergraduate degree in English and American literature from Harvard and a master's degree in journalism from Columbia. He grew up in suburban Philadelphia and maintains a healthy, fair and balanced allegiance to the Phillies and Eagles, although he says he's willing to listen to any coherent argument on the merits of other franchises. He and his wife Amy have a thirteen-year-old daughter, an eleven-year-old son, and an infant daughter.

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