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  • Wet weather could impact construction

    Posted on: 8:29 am, February 11, 2013, by

    Crews may suspend construction due to the early morning rain that rolled through our area.
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  • Rain will impact construction today

    Posted on: 9:25 am, February 8, 2013, by

    Crews will more than likely suspend a good amount of construction due to inclement weather.
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  • Construction on Broad at Belvidere all day

    Posted on: 9:10 am, February 7, 2013, by

    Crews will be on Broad Street all day installing fiber optic cables and closing lanes.
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  • Evening construction will partially shut down 95

    Posted on: 6:03 pm, February 5, 2013, by

    If you commute during the evening or early morning hours, there are a few lane closures you may want to consider.
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  • Multiple closures on the Huguenot Bridge and 95 today

    Posted on: 8:42 am, February 5, 2013, by , updated on: 05:21pm, February 5, 2013

    Crews will be working along the Huguenot Bridge today and it could slow you down by up to 15 minutes.
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  • Bryan Park finally improving after morning crashes

    Posted on: 8:12 am, February 5, 2013, by

    Three early morning crashes caused major delays on 64 East and 95 South.
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  • Huguenot Bridge work continues this week

    Posted on: 8:45 am, February 4, 2013, by

    Crews will be one scene along the Huguenot Bridge leading into the week.
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  • Parking info for the Healthy Lifestyle Expo

    Posted on: 5:59 pm, February 1, 2013, by , updated on: 06:00pm, February 1, 2013

    A big crowd is expected at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo this Saturday and it could cause parking issues.
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  • Busy morning commute: expect delays

    Posted on: 9:30 am, February 1, 2013, by

    A busy morning commute is leading into a busy afternoon for Central Virginia commuters.
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  • Storm causes problems in the morning commute

    Posted on: 9:05 am, January 31, 2013, by

    Crews are busy this morning cleaning up debris and problems from the overnight storm.
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  • Your afternoon commute could be windy and wet

    Posted on: 5:05 pm, January 30, 2013, by

    High winds and rain could impact your afternoon and evening commute.
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  • Messy weather and construction delays: January 28

    Posted on: 9:58 am, January 28, 2013, by

    Crews are on scene making emergency repairs along 95 North at the 64 interchange.
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