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  • Toyota recalls 1 million vehicles over faulty airbags, windshield wipers

    Posted on: 7:56 am, January 30, 2013, by , updated on: 10:29am, January 30, 2013

    Fresh from reclaiming its crown as the world's largest automaker, Toyota has been hit by another major recall.
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  • Virginia bill tackles bullying for students, teachers

    Posted on: 8:01 am, January 29, 2013, by , updated on: 09:13am, January 29, 2013

    A bill aimed at providing a clear, legal definition of bullying in order to help prevent it is making its way through the Virginia General Assembly.
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  • Student facing federal charges over UVA Wise gun hoax

    Posted on: 7:15 am, January 29, 2013, by

    A student police say was behind a gun hoax at the University of Virginia Wise County campus is now facing multiple federal charges.
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  • Smoke fills Henrico warehouse

    Posted on: 8:08 am, January 25, 2013, by , updated on: 08:32am, January 25, 2013

    Fire crews are working to clear smoke from an early morning fire at a warehouse complex near Richmond International Raceways.
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    warehouse fire
  • Snow Pictures Jan. 24, 2013

    Posted on: 7:14 am, January 24, 2013, by , updated on: 09:34am, January 24, 2013

    Central Virginia experiences an early morning snow blast.
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    Richmond, Va --The Fan via Facebook From Deniseblackbarbie Davis
  • New ATMs dispense $1, $5 bills

    Posted on: 7:04 am, January 17, 2013, by , updated on: 07:37am, January 17, 2013

    Chase and PNC have both been launching ATMs that churn out exact change to the dollar, allowing customers to withdraw denominations as low as $1 and $5.
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    ATM Machine
  • Oregon Sheriff: I won’t enforce Obama’s new gun laws

    Posted on: 7:26 am, January 16, 2013, by

    An Oregon sheriff says he will not enforce any federal regulation that President Barack Obama lays out in his package of gun control proposals Wednesday.
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  • Crafty cat proves masterful at slight-of-hand “shell” game

    Posted on: 7:19 am, January 16, 2013, by

    A lot of people may think their pet is as smart a person, but the owner of a now- internet-famous feline may have good reason to brag.
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  • Hair of the dog: Vodka drip saves puppy’s life

    Posted on: 7:04 am, January 15, 2013, by

    A nine-week old puppy is back in good health after nearly dying from anti-freeze poisoning.
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  • A royal due date: Will and Kate expecting in July

    Posted on: 7:49 am, January 14, 2013, by

    Britain's royal family are looking forward to a summer surprise: The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William's baby is due in July, the couple has announced.
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    middleton expecting
  • Following big Golden Globes wins for Argo, Iran announces “response” film

    Posted on: 7:29 am, January 14, 2013, by

    The Golden Globes' selection for best drama still has critics overseas. Iranian state media have announced Iran will make a response film for "Argo."
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    argo win
  • Dog thrown from car in Virginia Beach, Officials search for suspect

    Posted on: 7:33 am, January 11, 2013, by , updated on: 07:34am, January 11, 2013

    Workers at the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center have dubbed the approximately eight to ten-year-old Shih-Tzu Norton
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