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  • Wife of man killed at Florida movie theater to speak at Curtis Reeves’ hearing

    Posted on: 8:25 pm, February 5, 2014, by , updated on: 07:11pm, February 5, 2014

    The January 13 shooting at a movie theater in Wesley Chapel killed Chad Oulson and left his wife, Nicole Oulson, with a hand injury.
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    Cobb Grove 16 Theater
  • Airlines warned about possible toothpaste bombs ahead of Olympics

    Posted on: 7:59 pm, February 5, 2014, by and , updated on: 07:01pm, February 5, 2014

    The Obama administration has not indicated it is not safe to travel to the Olympics.
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    Sochi 2014
  • Jerry Seinfeld takes heat over race remarks

    Posted on: 7:06 pm, February 5, 2014, by and

    Don't ask Jerry Seinfeld about race.
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    Seinfeld BuzzFeed Interview
  • Obama nominating Navy officer to head NSA

    Posted on: 7:23 pm, January 30, 2014, by

    The NSA has come under fire for its sweeping electronic surveillance programs that were disclosed by intelligence leaker Edward Snowden.
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    U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Michael S. Rogers
  • How restaurants can reduce salt in your food

    Posted on: 9:05 pm, January 23, 2014, by and , updated on: 06:37pm, January 23, 2014

    It's not a question of just putting down the salt shaker.
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  • Can Bill Cosby make TV history again?

    Posted on: 8:05 pm, January 23, 2014, by , updated on: 06:38pm, January 23, 2014

    The question is, can lightning strike thrice? Can Cosby make TV history yet again?
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    Bill  Cosby
  • 8 elegant U.S. mansion hotels

    Posted on: 7:18 pm, January 9, 2014, by and , updated on: 04:18pm, March 21, 2014

    Here are eight magnificent mansion hotels across the United States that were once home sweet home.
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    The 1912 Villa Crawford is at the heart of Keswick Hall, an expansive luxury resort in Keswick, Virginia, developed by Sir Bernard Ashley, widower of famed designer Laura Ashley.
  • Poll: Economy still looms large over Christmas

    Posted on: 10:43 am, December 26, 2013, by and

    Sixty-one percent of respondents said they had to cut back on their holiday donations this year due to the economy, according to the poll.
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    Donnie Ray Jones, Photo Date: December 2010
  • Pharmacy owners agree to $100 million settlement after meningitis outbreak

    Posted on: 10:09 am, December 26, 2013, by and

    The fund will also be used to pay off creditors of the bankrupt New England Compounding Center, attorneys in the case said.
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    Meningitis Viles
  • Woman arrested after driving into West End church

    Posted on: 6:21 am, December 24, 2013, by and , updated on: 03:53pm, December 24, 2013

    Mary Madeline Kaufelt, 21, is charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence.
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    Mary Madeline Kaufelt
  • Gov: Biden is “dead meat” in Iowa

    Posted on: 4:06 pm, December 19, 2013, by

    Vice President Joe Biden, widely assumed to be plotting a third presidential bid in 2016, shouldn't bother booking any flights to Des Moines, Iowa.
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    Joe Biden
  • Death penalty in the United States gradually declining

    Posted on: 4:05 pm, December 19, 2013, by and

    It is only the second time in the past two decades the annual number of inmates put to death has dropped below 40.
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