Joe St. George


Joe St. George joined WTVR in 2012 as a reporter and multimedia journalist.

Since arriving in Richmond, Joe has specialized in political reporting, guiding viewers through the active and at times complex Virginia political scene.

Joe was one of only a handful of journalists inside the General Assembly for the historic transportation bill passage last winter and reported for nearly 15 hours straight at the 2013 Republican Party of Virginia State Convention.

During the 2012 election, Joe lead the station's coverage at Virginia Democratic Headquarters and was the first journalist in the room to report of Tim Kaine's victory over George Allen.

In 2013, Joe became a member of the Virginia Capitol Correspondents Association.

Prior to joining CBS 6, Joe was a political reporter at KWQC, the NBC affiliate in Davenport, Iowa.

During the 2012 Iowa Caucus Joe covered and conducted interviews with every Republican presidential candidate including the first sit down interview in the market with eventual nominee Mitt Romney. Joe also questioned Vice President Joe Biden during a campaign stop in the state on issues relating to immigration, the economy, and healthcare reform.

While in the Quad Cities television market, Joe covered the Iowa Legislature and Illinois General Assembly as well as the administrations of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.

Apart from political coverage, Joe has a passion for economic reporting, severe weather events, and extended special reports.

His CBS 6 Special Reports have taken him to places outside Central Virginia including Boston, Massachusetts and have focused on government abuse, campaign spending, and inadequate representation within political groups.

Joe began his career in journalism as in intern in the Washington DC Bureaus of CNBC and NBC News. He credits them for instilling in him a love of reporting the news.

Prior to entering journalism, Joe was active in politics. Joe worked or interned in five different organizations including the United States Senate, the United States House of Representatives, British Parliament, and the White House. Joe says these experiences help him cover politics more effectively.

Joe graduated cum laude from The Catholic University of America in Washington DC with honors from the Politics Department for his thesis “The Press, the President, and the Development of the White House Offices of Communication.”

In 2011, he received the University’s Amoddio Award for Excellence in Public Affairs.

In 2013, he began serving on Catholic University's Board of Governors.

In his free time, Joe enjoys playing golf, watching movies, eating good meals with friends, and planning his next overseas adventure.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Joe on twitter @joestgeorge.

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