Children killed walking to school bus

Huguenot High principal allegedly tossed pretzels in woman’s face

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Over the weekend the principal of Richmond's Huguenot High School was arrested, police sources confirmed.

Jafar W. Barakat was arrested and held in custody and then released, sources confirmed. The situation involved a domestic dispute, a school board member said.

The Richmond School Board met on Tuesday, which was also the first day of school for many area districts. The board discussed Barakat's removal from his position until this situation is resolved.

Huguenot High students said it did not take long for word to spread after the school board’s decision Tuesday to place him on administrative leave until the legal issue is resolved.

“I mean… it’s his business, so I don’t think we should talk about,” one student said.

Court documents detail the alleged assault that happened when the principal met at the Panera at Willow Lawn to return his two children to their mother.

The mother, according to the document, said that she questioned Barakat about why their son had no shoes on and why someone had done their child's hair without the her approval.

From there, the woman said she and Barakat started cursing at each other before she alleges Barakat tossed pretzels in her face, called her a b**** and then drove off. But she said her ex-husband then returned and called police.

Barakat has served as principal of Huguenot since 2012. Before that he was served for one year as the principal of a Thomas FitzSimons High School in Philadelphia, according to his personal LinkedIn account.

His prior career includes job positions within the Chesterfield County school system, as Assistant Principal from 2008-2010, according to his online resume. He served as the dean of students in Chesterfield, from 2007-2008.

A judge denied an emergency protective order extension filed by the mother that expired Wednesday because of “a lack of evidence.”

Barakat is scheduled to appear in court on the misdemeanor charge in October.

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  • Proud city teacher

    Just FYI only 2 out of 9 school board members are white. Also, your comment is not grammatically correct.

  • joker

    And if you could actually punctuate and put a correctly written coherent sentence together you’d probably have a job!

  • George Lancaster

    Really people! What difference does the color of his skin make? The fact that domestic violence is so to the forefront is not only in vogue, but proof that unchecked emotions always”clouds” in the lifetime process.

  • Ron Melancon

    Wow. I wounder if he will get Anger Management help. I wounder if he might ge a knock on his door telling him that “his family needs him” but as usual in this world he will blame somebody else for his actions and maybe blame President Bush

  • alberto

    umm,the man has a contract and I am sure in this contract this is covered and well known to him.There is lots of circumstances when somebody is taken off the job before being convicted,like when a cop shoots a man that beat him and robbed a store for example,But you don’t mind that right?My bad he was white,next

  • reeltime

    According to the RTD:
    Superintendent Dana T. Bedden said Barakat would be paid and working but not in a school until a dispute between Barakat and the mother of his two youngest children is resolved.
    So what news source is correct or are either of them?

  • Becky

    Seems all the known, expected, standard, and established government practices are somehow, now, magically,
    in question. Question why a family member was Denied a Protection Order as reported on another network.

  • Robbie

    He’ll be back! Race is already mentioned in some of the posts. They’ll have to bring him back because the NAACP, black students and parents will protest his dismissal on the grounds that he is a gentle giant, never been in trouble and hates swisher sweet cigars.

  • Kenny Powers

    Is that all he did? Anyone with an ex-wife and kids involved feels his pain. You can only take so much mouth from an ex, sounds like she was trying to pick a fight in the first place. I am not for hitting women, some deserve a good cursing out.

    • Morning Dew

      oh the horror…..pretzels in the face. I understand asking where his shoes are, but who cares if the girl’s hair was done. At least he took the time to do her hair.

  • Rosa Johnson

    his wife evidently still has some issues with control. she is angry about the break-up and anyother woman around her children. grow up and stop using your kids as a weapon. I hope he keeps his job. how is he going to pay child-support if you cause him to lose his job?

  • A Huguenot Student

    I think he is a wonderful principal. It is quite sad that he is being removed before he even has a trial. I have never witnessed him not doing his job and caring about the students; it’s very shocking to hear that he is in legal trouble.

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