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Judge removes himself from Meg Menzies case

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. - The judge assigned to preside over the trial for the man arrested for hitting and killing Hanover mother Meg Menzies has recused himself from the case. J. Overton Harris said he had independent knowledge of the case and a long relationship with the Menzies family, though not Meg.

Harris said he has been unable to escape hearing about the case during his travels around the county, whether it be at restaurants or at church.

Dr. Michael Carlson, 47, was charged with involuntary manslaughter in Menzies's death.  Menzies, 34, was running with her husband on East Patrick Henry Road the morning of January 13 when she was hit.

During an emotional preliminary hearing earlier this month, Hanover prosecutor Steven Royalty called Meg’s husband Scott Menzies to testify about what he saw the morning his wife was killed.

Scott Menzies testified he saw a vehicle, driven by Dr. Carlson, lose control and hit Meg as she tried running into a ditch to get out of the car’s way.

Scott Menzies described how he pleaded with Dr. Carlson to help, but noticed Carlson’s “slurred speech.”

Scott, an Ashland Police Officer, said he then asked Carlson if he had been drinking. Scott said Carlson responded “no,” but Scott had a feeling Carlson “was being dishonest.”

A status hearing was set for August 11. During the hearing it will be decided whether the Hon. Patricia Kelly can preside over the case.

Watch CBS 6 News at 5 for a live update on this developing story.


    • athynz

      Timmay is just a bitter spiteful man who hates women – Timmay thinks every time a woman is hit everyone should simply “get over it”…

    • sw

      Driving drunk is never an accident it is a choice. The death of this woman was a direct result of this man chosing to get behind the wheel of a car while he was impaired. There is nothing accidental about that.

    • athynz

      What’s the matter Timmay – you mad because some men can maintain a long term marriage with a woman while you messed yours up? You mad because your wife left you for a better man? Take your own advice Timmay – get over it, and get over yourself you bitter, bitter man.

  • ricky

    Have some respect.its not an accident if someone has been drinking.that’s pure ignorance to drive that way.whether or not that’s true is whatever, but hes still the one to hit her.I use to live in their neighborhood,good people.think before you call people sheep.not the time for that

  • Jay

    One might conjecture: Judge knows the truth, the cops f***ed with the evidence and the cop/husband testimony doesn’t match the evidence. Cop/husband has a lot of $$ to gain if he can show Dr. was DUI…..Dispatcher doesn’t back up cop/husband story….cop/husband seems to have embellished facts….Judge doesn’t want to be the one to rule in favor of the defendant??

    • chesa

      This is one of the best judges out there. Look at your own comment, “conjecture”, an opinion formed on the basis of incomplete information. There are many reasons a judge would recuse himself, such as he may know family members of the accused or the victim. And by the way, the judge hasn’t heard the evidence yet so he doesn’t know anything about whether the evidence matches anything. Get the facts before you comment about a judge.

    • sw

      Only someone who would do such a thing himself would draw such a conjecture from what was said in this article.

  • betty

    Cops also risk their lives everyday they go to work. What do you do for a living Jay? I know the Menzies, and everyone involved is extremely hurt and grieving. This website should not have such disrespectful people on it. A wonderful young woman and mother of 3 little ones was murdered, ran down by a drunk.

    • Jay

      I make your life possible.
      No murder involved. Regardless, it was an accident.
      You seem to have anger issues. I’m sure you’d like to quiet all you disagree with.

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