Bullets fly at Hopewell kickball tournament

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HOPEWELL, Va. – One person was arrested for opening fire near a large crowd of people who gathered for a kickball game in Arlington Park in Hopewell.

Kayjuan Walker (PHOTO: Hopewell Police)

Kayjuan Walker (PHOTO: Hopewell Police)

Kayjuan Walker, 20, of N. Whitehill Drive, was charged with reckless use of a firearm and felony vandalism.

Police said Walker began shooting Sunday night about 7:11 p.m. near where a large group of people gathered to play kickball on Libery Avenue near Berry Street in Hopewell.

"There were no reported injuries but three vehicles and one church were struck with stray rounds," police said.

Witnesses said it appeared Walker was aiming for someone specific.

"Officers did an excellent job of quickly arresting the offender without any injury or further property damage," Hopewell Police Capt. Michael Whittington said in a statement. "A kickball event was posted on Facebook bringing a large group of individuals to the Park to participate."

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Officer Christopher Pisarek of the Hopewell Police Department at (804) 541-2222.


  • PigsSux

    Thank goodnees that the shooter couldn’t shoot, and “the gun didn’t have some heat seeking device that just kills everything” or that could have been dangerous!

    • Not True

      There are no heat seeking bullets. Incendiary rounds burn rapidly and cause fires. I doubt even the local thugs can get Incendiary rounds. That lady on you tube needs to get her information correct.

    • Kenner

      not all of hopewell is horrible.. Yes, most of it is filled with street thugs who think they can do whatever they want, but some of it is good, nice people. I would know this because I live in hopewell on the nice part and everyone is just as sweet as they can be. So, dont say “hopewell,,, the other petersburg” until you have lived here. Dont judge a book by its cover.

      • manalishi

        “Yes, most of it is filled with street thugs ” well that kind of sums it up doesn’t it. Which part of denial are you paying taxes in?

  • hum

    With the wide-spread crime wave, isn’t it odd that the new era Government/Media, Inc., seeks to
    contort and hide the facts, figures, and statistics? Descriptions apparently are not new era
    public information. The facts accumulated during the performance of public obligations/services,
    by public officials, paid for by the public, and reported in the public media, are now being obstructed intentionally.

  • Robbie

    It appears that African Americans can’t get together and do anything without someone shooting a gun. It’s really sad but the children are getting some good experience on how to act in a few years.

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