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RICHMOND, Va. — A VCU student who lives right next door to a naked 4-year-old child found wandering alone outside his apartment three times in four days called the events of the last several days “unbelievable.”

Giovanni Abruzzese said he called police on Friday when he found the child walking down four flights of stairs alone and nude.

“I was expecting for Richmond police and CPS to get the child into a safe home,” Abruzzese said.

When he placed the call, he said he thought he was getting the child help, but now, he’s not so sure.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the child is on the street again,” Abruzzese said.

Police said even after finding the child alone outside for a third time early Monday morning, they do not believe a crime took place, so no charges were placed.

It’s a decision Joyce Smith called ridiculous.

She also called police on Friday after finding the child wandering alone on Broad Street.

At the time, police told us the child’s mother had a medical condition.

“It should have been handled differently,” Smith said.

Smith cannot believe the boy was found alone on Broad St. again.

“If the baby was out there again today, it was not taken care of, and somebody should be held accountable,” Smith said.

Police said Child Protective Services is handling the situation, but a spokesperson for the City of Richmond said they cannot comment for safety reasons.

In fact, the spokesperson refused to tell CBS 6 if the child had been removed from the home.

Richmond Police said CPS assured them they were ramping up their investigation related to this child.

No charges have been filed at this time.


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