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More than 120 Cosby High students will retake SOL testing

CHESTERFIELD, Va. — Dozens of Cosby High School students thought they were home free these last few days of school. They celebrated when they put their SOL tests behind them, now they’ve learned they have to retake the test.

Levi Bowles and his friend Gage Langlais are among the World History I students forced to retake the SOL.

The state Department of Education tells CBS 6 News it’s because a teacher is accused by the students of helping other students with answers.

“If it’s true I don’t think it’s right for a teacher to give answers. We’ve been working all year to be able to do this,” Bowles explained.

Chesterfield school leaders tell us the tests in question were given by the teacher back on May 22 and May 23.  When they were alerted to possible testing irregularities, the school system contacted the state Department of Education.

CBS 6 News has learned that more than 120  Cosby students are impacted by this and will have to retake the test. Officials with the state Department of Education tell us it’s now up to the Chesterfield School system to determine what, if any disciplinary action will be taken.

Chesterfield school officials won’t comment on if the teacher  is still employed. Students tell us after their parents received a phone call Tuesday that they were to be retested, they did see the teacher at school the next day.

Friday during a remediation session, students say that a different teacher conducted the review with them.

CBS 6 News checked into what the Code of Virginia says about teachers who violate the law by providing information on secured tests like the SOL. It reads, if a teacher is proven to have helped, his or her license could be revoked or suspended.

If found guilty of this violation, it’s a class 4 misdemeanor.

“I honestly don’t think the teacher helped anyone. I don’t even know if the story I heard from others is one hundred percent true” Langlais said. The students are scheduled to take the SOL retest Monday June 9.


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