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Upset homeowner chooses patriotic paint job

Flag 01

Brent Greer painted his home to look like the American flag.

BRADENTON, Fla. – A Florida man said he was so tired of being hounded by his city’s code enforcement department about the condition of his home, that he decided to make a patriotic change.

Brent Greer painted his house to look like an American flag. He also painted a sign to thank his neighbors for their support.

Flag 04

Greer said it should not be up to the city to tell him what his house should or should not look like.

“[The paint job is] to remind the city and all those who live here that this is America. This is a free country. This is my home,” Greer said.

Flag 03

Greer said he planned to paint the Liberty Bell on the second floor of his house ahead of his June 17 code enforcement board hearing.

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  • Jenny

    I’m not sure why homeowner’s associations exist, if this indeed is involving one, but i’m thinking it’s because they are control freaks and worry more about appearances than they do people. I’m with this guy: this is SUPPOSED TO BE a free country, and when folks are imposed upon by stupid rules as to how your house MUST look, then those freedoms have gone out the window. How a person’s house looks isn’t harming anyone. If they were concerned about a safety issue, then different story. But this sounds petty, as do many of the restrictions HAs put on people: measuring the heighth of the lawn, making sure all window blinds match in the ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD, etc.

  • GardenDmpls

    Back in Corpus, Texas, a lady converted a tall tree stump in her yard into a flower covered planter. Neighbors objected and she was taken to court. She won and painted the stump bright red.

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