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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTVR) – The White House posted a video on YouTube that showed President Barack Obama chatting with D.C. residents and tourists during a “surprise walk” to the Department of the Interior.

The video was posted May 22.

“On the way, he got a chance to meet with all sorts of folks, who weren’t expecting to meet the President of the United States of America,” the YouTube description said.

Obviously many of the people who saw the President were surprised by the chance encounter. Several people, in the video, asked President Obama if he “was real.”

“Someone’s going to think you’re like wax,” one woman said as she posed with President Obama for a picture.

However the official transcript on the YouTube transcribed the statement as:

think you’re like blacks.”

Obama Walk 02



  • me

    Ah, he must need some attention and some good PR.
    His media will always facilitate, placate, and appease his needs,
    and cover up his JOB.

    • Love the day!

      Obama doesn’t understand what it is like to be Military….he couldn’t care less about our Veterans…he is only pretending to care in order for him to look good! Lousy leader…consider the source and those people who put him in office for only one reason, not because of his experience, knowledge, leadership, etc., because he doesn’t have much to offer!

    • Joe

      Disagree Laura. Obama is better than most we have had. I wouldn’t even try to explain that statement to most of the self centered uneducated losers that post on line.

      • Laura

        Totally agree, wtvr posts this stuff on here to get them riled up then people like you and I try to talk sense into the deaf and the blind. I’m going to stop falling for it though. It’s beating a dead horse. Won’t waste any more energy on this ignorance and the attention seekers.

  • me

    Say he was Exceptionally Lousy
    The Proclaimed The Most intelligent, The Harvard Constitutional Law Grad, Lawyer, Law Maker and The Nobel Peace Price Winner. Promise/Lies…and Nothing Else.
    See the Great Hope & Change?
    World-Wide Peace, Domestic Prosperity & Tranquility, Jobs Galore,
    and ObamaCares… Exclusively… for Obama’s Exclusive Favorites.
    Plays Favorites; not President. Play to Media as his Governance.

  • Steve

    It is amazing that people still give him no credit for anything. Most haters forget he is ending the war overseas and bringing our military home to their friends and families. If you think he is a bad president just recall Johnson, who escalated the Vietnam war for his and his buddies monetary gain. Or more recently, George W. who started desert storm/shield to make VP Cheney a few Billion! So let’s just agree, they are all crooks once they get into office! You know when they’re lying because their lips are moving! Go Hilary! Lol

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