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Students sent home after eating ‘funny tasting’ school chicken

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PRINCETON, West Virginia (WTVR) - The Mercer County Health Department is investigating how food is prepared at a West Virginia middle school after students were served "undercooked chicken" this week.

The middle school principal told wowktv.com once school workers realized what was being served, the chicken was trashed. Some students were sent home after lunch when they complained they felt sick after eating "funny" tasting chicken.

"This is not the first time this has happened," one mother told wowktv.com. "They've had under cooked chicken before, I know at the holiday time, that their holiday meals which is like turkey and gravy and things, the gravy was frozen, they're quite often given different types of things that aren't fully cooked, over cooked, under cooked. It's just not edible," one mother told wowktv.com.

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