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Warmer weather means more out celebrating Valentine’s weekend

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - John and Kristi Sniffin are no stranger to Valentine's Day celebrations.

The two have been married for fifteen years and always make plans. However, because of this week's nasty winter weather they decided to put their plans on hold until the weekend.

"It was a Friday night. I worked all week so today we decided to get out with some friends," said the couple.

Winter weather can sometimes slow area restaurants down, but Devon Tubbs at Can Can Brassiere in Carytown told CBS 6 they still saw a crowd on Valentine's Day.

But with warmer temperatures, the restaurant along with others said they are seeing even more people coming in for a meal with their loved one.

"The kitchen always orders extra food and does Valentine's specials so we had to make sure we were stocked up for all those things," said Tubs.

Outside the Carytown restaurant business was also booming for Christopher Turner who was selling flowers to couples for the holiday weekend.

"A lot of people aren't seeing the people they love until today or even tomorrow. I still think tomorrow is going to be pretty busy as well," said Turner.