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LIVINGSTON, Calif. (KCRA) – The U.S. Department of Agriculture suspended poultry processing at one of the biggest foster farms plants in California Wednesday.

The agency said the company’s plant in Livingston is infested with live cockroaches, posing a public health threat.

The suspension comes amid a USDA investigation of three Foster Farms plants over a nationwide salmonella outbreak.

Foster farms issued two statements Wednesday evening. The company first said it was an isolated event, but then later acknowledged it had been cited several times since September.

The company’s second statement said the USDA only identified five cockroaches in its 250,000 square-foot Livingston plant.

According to the company, the plant has now been treated and that no other facilities were affected.

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  • athynz

    Those danged union cockroaches! Always after their “rights” as cockroaches, wanting lunch breaks, 40 hour work weeks… Now they’ve gone too far in shutting down a chicken plant!

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