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Woman charged with making up VCU abduction story

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UPDATE: Police have charged Cassandra Albrecht, 23, with knowingly giving a false report to police. She is due in court later this month to face the misdemeanor, according to VCU Police Department spokesman Michael Kelly.

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - The woman who claimed a man tried to abduct her on the VCU campus Sunday made up the story, according to campus police.
VCU sent an alert about the reported abduction attempt Sunday evening.

The woman told police a man tried to abduct her in an alley along the 300 block of Hancock Street at about 6:20 p.m.

The victim described the fake incident in her report, saying the suspect approached her asking if everything was okay. The victim then said the suspect grabbed her arm and tried to pull her into a dark colored SUV.

Another alert was sent today, stating that after extensive investigation, including interviews and review of electronic data and security cameras in the vicinity, VCU Police have identified the report as “unfounded," which means that the investigation concluded that the complaint was fabricated.


  • Glen Allen

    Thank God she was able to get away, with a little luck, a nearby security camera may have picked up a license plate or two on vehicles in the area, at that time, that might fit the description.

    I am glad to see the young lady was carrying a form of protection, knew how to use it, and was not afraid to use it. I hope they catch the guy before he tries it again.

  • Sharon Smith

    My 20 years daughter moved in that area 3 months ago she ready to move back home she dont feel safe im glad the young lady is ok VCU

    Has become so unsafe

      • Morning Dew

        Dizzy is correct. That area has always been sketchy. The problem is that VCU keeps expanding and moving into the nearby neighborhoods.

  • Glen Allen

    The police have enough on their hands, they really do not have time to waste on these “phony” made-up reports by attention seekers. I hope they print her name, show her picture, and make her pay for the time and effort that went into this investigation.

  • chris

    I know she made it up, but the police still should have arrested somebody. Just like in the good old days….

  • joy trice

    she needs to to arrested for making a false report..wise up lady there are young ladies that are out there missing and cant be found .you making up lies…shame on you!!!!

  • Ashu Tosh

    I’m sorry but I’ve been a student here for 3 years now and hate everything about having to walk home late at night after a long day of studying. You never see cops, you only have your gut feeling of hopefully your not the next to get robbed or now abducted. I pay too much money to go to a school where I can’t claim my presence on campus without feeling outright terrified. From the rudeness of the employees that work at this school and the lack safeness in a student prodominent section in the city, I just see nothing that has made my stay here pleasent. Should have went to a more southern school I guess.

  • Joe je

    @Ashu…I’m sorry you don’t feel safe walking through campus in the evenings…that’s not a good feeling. Have you considered taking the VCU Campus Connector bus to get to your destination?

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