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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Henrico Police charged a school employee for taking a nude photo of an 18-year-old Freeman High School student.

Joshua Brinkley, 22, is charged with allegedly recording an undressed student without consent. Brinkley was charged Nov. 19 for the Nov. 15 incident, according to Henrico Police.

Brinkley started at Freeman High in August, where he worked as a temporary instructional assistant in a special needs class, according to Henrico Schools spokesman Andy Jenks. Freeman also listed himself on a social media account as the assistant basketball coach at the high school.

Brinkley played high school basketball for Freeman when he attended years ago. He continued playing in college for the University of Delaware. Brinkley graduated in the spring of 2013.

CBS 6's Chelsea Rarrick talked to Brinkley's former assistant basketball coach at Freeman about the alleged incident. He coached Brinkley when he was a senior.

"He's not the type of person that would do this," said Trey Woolfolk.

Woolfolk said he never had any problems with Brinkley and saw him as a hard worker.  He said Brinkley worked with special needs students and loved his job.

"We consider the privacy and safety of our students to be a top priority, and we are treating the accusation seriously. We also must let the legal process run its course before making any additional comments specific to this incident," Jenks said in a statement. "The parents of the affected student have been notified. We also will offer to meet with any additional parents who express their concerns."

The incident occurred on school grounds. Word of mouth informed students and parents, who were shocked and are now inquiring about safety.

"How much do they actually question the teachers before they hire them to see their background and the things they've done," one student questioned.

Henrico School administrators have yet to comment on how or who they found out about the picture from.

Jenks told CBS 6 that Brinkley is no longer employed by Henrico County Public Schools.

Stay with CBS 6 News for updates and for updates on this story.


  • Concerned parent

    Any chance you could find something positive to report?? Was it necessary to set up all the local tv trucks and equipment at the school parking lot during pick up?? What a mess that was… So tired of the negative twisted stories that the press feels the need to glorify.

  • For Whom the Bell Tolls

    “Henrico School administrators have yet to comment on how or who they found out about the picture from.” Good Lord, can someone please teach these WTVR reporters how to compose a sentence? You could have gone with “…how or from whom they found out…” Way to keep the bar low, WTVR.


      I agree 100%… Even if he is found not to have done this they have given him a bad name for the rest of his life. I believe the media should report once they have more facts on a case. It’s not just this case this happens all the time.

  • D

    I am afraid to send my child to an Henrico County Public High School. How many more incidents of pedophiles preying on children can we put up with. Two times in less than two weeks!! This is very unnerving and undermines the system.

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