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Madonna’s brother blames star; says she doesn’t care about him

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TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (WTVR) –Madonn’a 56-year-old brother is opening up about the mega star to a British newspaper — and he doesn’t have very nice things to say.

Anthony Ciccone, who the Daily Mail describes a homeless alcoholic who roams the frigid streets of Michigan, said Madonna doesn’t care if he lives or dies.

“She lives in her own world,” Ciccone told the newspaper. “I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me. We never loved each other.”

Ciccone, who lives just a short distance from his father and stepmother, blames his family for not helping him when times got tough. However, the newspaper reports his family now fears he could die.

This comes after Ciccone spent a month in jail after he was arrested for being drunk in a church and swearing in front of children, the newspaper reports.

However, a family friend stated that Madonna, who is two years younger, has tried to help her brother several times over the years.

Madonna’s younger brother, Christopher, is a successful designer.


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