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Auspicious 12-12-12 is last triple date for almost a century


By Holly Yan (CNN) — From India to Las Vegas, superstitious lovebirds and numbers geeks are reveling in a once-in-a-lifetime Wednesday event: the date 12/12/12.

Sure, it might be just another set of numbers for some. But unlike the past 11 years, this will be the last such triple date for almost a century — until January 1, 2101.

That means one last chance for couples to get hitched on such an easy-to-remember wedding date (read: anniversary date).

Those tying the knot at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel have 40 different 12/12/12 wedding packages to choose from. Six of those options include an Elvis impersonator. Others include pirate, gangster and gothic themes.

“Besides a traditional wedding, the most popular is Elvis in a pink Caddy, where Elvis drives the couple down the aisle in a pink Cadillac,” said general manager Brian Mills, who doubles as an Elvis impersonator.

From midnight to midnight, more than 100 couples will walk or ride down the aisle at Viva Las Vegas. That’s more than 10 times the number of couples who get hitched on a typical Wednesday in December, Mills said.

“The charismatic and fun-loving couple that gets married on a 12 day is lucky and balanced, but seeking constant goals to achieve,” the chapel’s website explains. “The ‘go-getting’ 1 and the ‘sensitive’ 2 make this a very balanced number.

“1 is the vibration of ‘new beginnings’ and starting things afresh. The 2 vibration is about seeking ‘balance’ and that’s certainly something that many will struggle with — balancing the bank balance, balancing the food and beverage intake, balancing the emotions … balancing in every way.”

For professional numerologists, 12/12/12 isn’t just a cool repetition of digits or a lucky day for lovers.

It’s a fantastic day to start a new business venture or make a significant purchase, Indian numerologist Swetta Jumaani said.

According to numerology, “12” is considered a “three” number because the digits add up to three.

And three is a very good number because it corresponds with the largest planet, Jupiter, in addition to wealth. (In case you’re wondering, the No. 1 planet is the sun, and the No. 2 planet is the moon.)

“If you’re in a business of trading money, or the buying and selling of anything, tomorrow is a good day to make investments,” Jumaani said Tuesday. “If you want to buy something — property, if you want to buy gold — it’d be a good day.”

But Wednesday is a terrible day to wear black, she said.

“Black is a very inauspicious color. Something bad always happens,” Jumaani said.

Halfway across the world in Alabama, Kiam Moriya will turn 12 on 12/12/12 — at exactly 12:12 p.m., reported.

“It’s like one minute out of a whole lifetime,” Kiam told the news site. “You know, it’s all 12s.”

Wednesday also marks a milestone for the Vatican, where Pope Benedict will send his first official tweet to the world.

It’s unclear whether the pope chose 12/12/12 for the digits or for some other reason. But more than 600,000 followers are eagerly waiting to see what guidance @Pontifex will offer in 140 characters or less.

Despite the weddings, superstitions and inaugural papal tweet, underwhelmed Twitter users griped about all the brouhaha.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s 12.12.12 and…… Nothing happened,” Aazief Khalid of Malaysia tweeted Wednesday.

And nothing like it will happen again for almost 100 years.

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