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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WTVR) - President Barack Obama wrapped up a two-day campaign trip in Charlottesville, Virginia Wednesday.

Nearly 7,500 people packed the nTelos Pavilion for an event aimed at college voters.

President Obama won the youth vote with 66 percent in 2008 and the campaign hopes to energize those supporters again.

“Higher education isn't a luxury  - it’s an economic necessity for every single American,” President Obama told the crowd.

Incumbent presidents haven’t traditionally campaigned during Convention weeks of the other candidates. Per CBS News’s Mark Knoller, in 2004 President Bush stayed at his ranch while in 1996 President Clinton went on a vacation.

President Obama used the event to take a swipe at Governor Romney nonetheless.

“He calls my healthcare Obamacare - I call his “Romneydoesn'tcare,” the President said.

During the speech the President was interrupted by a heckler. Obama responded by saying “Don’t boo – vote!”

Republicans in Charlottesville had a counter rally of their own at Lee Park. About a hundred gathered to counter President Obama’s message.  

“Ever since Obama took office college tuition has increased by 25 percent - unemployment is double that of the average American,” UVA student and College Republican President Matt Wertman said.