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New poll shows Governor’s approval rating dropping

gov poll

A new poll shows Governor Bob McDonnell is losing support among women.

According to the poll by the Washington Post, the Governor’s approval rating has dropped six percentage points over the last year, from 62% to 56%.

The poll says a majority of the support Governor McDonnell lost was among independents and urban women.

It lists a partisan standoff over the State budget and the controversy surrounding the Virginia’s new ultrasound abortion law as reasons why.

When asked about the poll, Governor Bob McDonnell’s Director of Communications, Tucker Martin, sent us a statement that reads, “It’s heartening to see that even in a poll that significantly under-sampled Republican voters, the Governor has a very positive 56 percent approval rating. Governor McDonnell is focused on bringing Virginians together to get our economy back on track. He is getting results and this poll reflects that progress.”


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